VISICAST brings together internationally recognised organisations representing global excellence in their field. They will combine 3D avatar animation, advanced computer linguistics, novel discourse notation and innovative transmission methods to offer deaf people parallel access to broadcast, internet and retail transaction services enjoyed by the hearing community.

The Independent Television Commission (ITC) is the independent public body responsible for licensing and regulating all commercially funded analogue and digital television services provided in and from the UK. It conducts research and development from it’s Technology Group.

The Institut fur Rundfunktechnik GmbH (IRT) is the research and development centre of the public service broadcasters in Germany (ARD, ZDF, DLR), in Austria (ORF) and in Switzerland (SRG/SSR).

Televirtual is an advanced entertainment technology company, with expertise in the areas of digital animation, virtual reality characters, motion capture and environments. Televirtual offers advanced independent motion capture studio as a service to animators, video games designers and broadcasters.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People
is a charitable organisation representing the deaf and hard of hearing which aims to achieve a better quality of life for their members.


University of Hamburg – Institute of German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf. A research facility working in the areas of language research, child language development, bi-lingualism, sign language lexicography, multimedia applications and development of teaching materials for sign language.

University of East Anglia - School of Information Systemsis involved in the study, development and application of techniques for collecting analysing and processing data in contexts ranging from speech and image analysis to information and knowledge management.

Institut National des Telecommunications (INT) - ARTEMIS is a research oriented structure within INT to conduct methodological and technological research in the field of multidimensional imaging.

Institut voor Doven (IvD) is a publicly funded institution for deaf children and adults and offers a range of services including education, audiological care, psychological diagnosis and therapy and social work.

Post Office. Comprises four main business: The Royal Mail - collection and delivery of mail, Post Office Counters Limited - retail outlets which administer government benefits, banking and financial services, Parcelforce - parcel delivery and Subcription Services Limited - TV licensing and telebusiness services

Over 50% of the funding for this project is being provided by the 5th Framework IST.