The ITC, Televirtual and the University of the East Anglia have been working on Avatar based Deaf Signing, using SSE originally, within the Sign-Anim project since 1997. They produced a version one of a practical system in 1999.

In 1998 ITC licensed its knowledge so that UEA and Televirtual could develop a prototype system with the Post Office for counter transaction.

Abbreviated clips of the full demonstration of these early version systems can be viewed on the demo page.

The new partners who have joined the original group to meet the challenging aims of the Visicast project will build upon the existing technology. They will combine their exceptional expertise to develop these systems in the Broadcast, Internet and Counter Transaction communication areas.

The Visicast project started in January 2000. This page will describe the progress milestones as they happen and direct you to

  • New Demonstrations
  • Events
  • Publications
  • News items

The first few milestones are anticipated between April and July 2000.